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I'd Support SYC Games... With a Tweak
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I sent this off to


I've played in a few SYC games in the past couple of days. Was shut out of the second game today when the registration filled up in 5'.Obviously there is significant demand

I would like to see you run these events in a stratiflighted fashion. I played with a regular partner in the 7:30 game tonight There were 13 sections & 192? tables

If you segmented the game by a pair's avg. MP holding you could have maybe 2 or 3 sections of Flight A with 6,000+ pairs 5? sections of pairs from 2,000 to 6,000MPs between the pairs  & 6? sections of pairs with no player over 1,000MPs

The newer players don't get chewed up by the 'sharks' and the A players don't feast on and get bored playing against folks who are not competitive at a high level.


Almost every opponent whose name I clicked on identified themselves as 'Intermediate' I won't be playing very much in SYC games if the competition is wildly variant and the quality is lacking.  

You have two hours to seed the field and provide a better experience for everyone. If a pair wants to play up they can make that request.



I'd prefer to score 50% against a Flight A field than 65% in a game that is Open and without challenge.

A friend of mine played in the 10am game Friday. There were 19 sections. SEGMENT THE FIELD

If the quality of experience amounts to 2hrs of bemusement I will shortly spend time in set games that will do nothing to support my clubs.

Another idea: hold a restricted event side by side with or at a different dedicated time. This seems less egalitarian and rife with competency issues when folks' accrued masterpoints are the measure.

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