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I hate matchpoints

E/W were vul.  

North had  void,  KTxxx,  Axxx,  Axxx.

South had  AT8xx,  xx,  Kxxx,  QJ


North opened 1, East bid 1.  South, smelling blood at matchpoints bid 1NT.  

West bid 2 and it went pass, pass, back to South.

South really wanted to double for penalty, but felt he couldn't because North would interpret it as takeout and bid.  So he passed and E/W were allowed to play in 2 Spades not doubled.

Both N/S players are advanced, but not expert.  They are not an experienced partnership and claim to play "like Bergen".  South claims to be a "shape" bidder, feeling that showing shape is more important in match point competition, rather than showing points.  You can be the judge of what that means.


If we assume it is okay to open 1, and this is an acceptable opening bid, what do you think?


North should pass on the 2nd round, a double would show extra points
North should show shortness on the 2nd round, by bidding 2NT or by bidding 3C (or 3D?)
North should double for takeout. This does not show extra points
Both North and South should pass and be happy. If they make a slight slip on defense and only get 100 instead of 200, too bad.
South should double, this is a penalty double
South should double and North can figure it out.

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