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How Would You Rule on This Claim?

In the finals of a national event, with his rho on lead, my partner, a competent declarer, claimed the rest of the tricks without stating a line of play. Dummy's cards were

void   A   xxx      8

Declarer's hand was

J         QJ   A       5

LHO told his partner to lead a diamond, and he called the director, who ruled that declarer would be locked in dummy if a diamond was led. 

The director recorded the remaining cards and showed them to other players, who decided that declarer would lock himself in dummy.

This director said that she was not a great player, but she consulted players whom she thought were good players and they agreed that the declarer would lock himself in the dummy. 

Two other directors' opinions were given the situation. Declarer saw the need to unblock once the diamond suit was mentioned. But he admitted when asked that he had not actually thought of unblocking until the diamond suit was mentioned.

Other directors were consulted, and they ruled that declarer would lock himself in dummy, stating that he would be allowed to make a careless, though not an irrational play. 

The opponents were awarded one trick.

 (Thanks, in advance, for your input.)




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