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How should I alert this?

I am looking for advice for the best way to alert our forcing 1 opening.

I used to play K-S where 1 was non-forcing in a weak NT context. Over the years I flipped the forcing bid from 2 to 1 to get benefits similar to Precision. But I retained all the 15-22 club hands (3+clubs, longer minor, and no 5 card major) in the forcing 1 opening. I kept the 2/1 style of 1/1/1 openers, so their ranges run from 11-21 or so.

I have been using the description (both online and FTF):

"1 = forcing, 15+ & 3+clubs OR any Std. Am. 2 opening".

IMO it's the best compromise of brevity and full disclosure, but can I do better?

The difficulties are that folks usually assume this means "Precision", where all 15+ hands are opened 1. My definition doesn't say that, but it's still a common misconception. Another problem can be that "Std. Am. 2" means different things to different folks. Strictly speaking I prefer "GF-1", but "Std. Am. 2" seems to be more generally understood. But that's more wordy, and perhaps less exact. 

In a different post, a suggestion was made to change this to "forcing, 15+ and 3+ clubs (90% natural) OR any Std. Am. 2". I like this idea, since it would help folks to not assume "Precision". Can you see a better way to combine exactness, full disclosure, and conciseness here?

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