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How scientific you think that should be (Big Bang 2NT opening)

Lavazza was, by far, the first choice on ‘who’s going to win’ in BW’s fantasy bracket during Spingold 2016.

I think that people are fascinated by Lavazza performance due to the team aggressiveness, the superior card-play technique and the innovative bidding system which is played by all members of the team and in any combination among them. Download from  the 2NT opening to see how the system (Big Bang) works in a non-complex opening compared to 1x openings.

Having read this text or any other complicated system, do you think bidding systems:

should have as much complexity required in order to be precise when show strength and shape
should be as simple needed to cover the most probable cases and to be memorable, but not simpler,
should be as simple as possible in order to minimize damages from misunderstandings or memorization black-outs (i.e. by playing just Blackwood, Stayman and some basic continuations)

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