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How out of line do you think this is and what if anything would you do...

Playing in a club game.

LHO is very experienced (certainly much more experienced than you) and can be confrontational. You don't know each other well and are not particularly friendly. 

Your partner opens 1D. RHO passes. You bid 1S. LHO passes. Pard bids 2S and all pass.

LHO leads the 7 of hearts, accompanied by the statement "I never know what to lead".

Seemed to me quite inappropriate to make a comment like that on the lead. I felt it suggested the lead was not a standout and invited her partner to switch; this was consistent with the actual hand (which I am not posting to try to preserve some anonymity for my opponent). I went on to a very good board on what turned out to be a favorable lead so no damage done.

What do you think and what would you do? 

Opponent was just being informal, ignore it
It was inappropriate but it's too hard to police these things in club games without creating bad blood
It was very inappropriate but if there was no damage discuss with the director offline
It was very inappropriate and I would call the director immediately
The only way to stop this type of behavior is to file a recorder
Other (explain)

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