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How often do you play bridge?

I don't play bridge that often. It's my excuse for never becoming any good. But sometimes it seems that many commenting here play it almost all the time (except when they are posting here). I thought it might be interesting to assess this. Not being aware of how the upper echelons work, nor even of the workings of lower echelons in ACBL land, it is tricky for me to formulate an effective question. So apologies if doesn't work. Lots of categories, as I think many people will be just either side of glib numbers.


Is it reasonable to ask, on average, how often would you play a session of 16 or more boards of organised duplicate bridge?

Up to once per month
More than once per month, up to once per week
1-2 times per week
2-3 times per week
3-4 times per week
5-6 times per week
Once per day
1-2 times per day

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