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How Experts View Gerber (Marty Bergen)

Main-stream Bidding:

For many years (maybe eight)  Marty Bergen has devoted his monthly Intermediate Players ACBL Bridge Bulletin column to slam bidding. They are excellent. Understandably, he has shied away from the intricacies and pitfalls of most of the exotics but has focused hard on a half-dozen basic tools, most notably control bidding.

In the last few columns he has turned his attention to Gerber (not one of his must conventions).

In the current July 2016 issue, we have Gerber part 6, with the sub-heading "How experts view Gerber."

Clearly, as Marty notes, in his bottom line, in discussing options, "You and your favorite partner(s) must discuss these and be in agreement.

(I would add "favorite teammates" as well to his statement.)

His views regarding under "Asking for Aces after 3NT" and 1430-style to Responses to Gerber (aka Pro-Gerber) are well-taken as is the necessary jump to 5C as Gerber (technically High Gerber, not Super Gerber).

However, in my view -- Marty's view of 4C after 3NT (apparently in many auctions) as natural is perhaps mis-guided if not controversial.

In my view, it should be slammish, ostensibly showing and asking for controls with the understanding that the auction can end at 4NT.

One example in many uncontested auctions --

1C-3NT ( if 13-15 balanced) -- 4C in my view should not be natural, but slammish as of course after 1D-3NT.

(I'm aware that in BWS 3NT is 16-17 balanced and that a jump shift over a minor is quite another matter.)

Negative views or suggestions for improvement or for tying up loose ends?

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