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How do you decide which tournaments to attend?

As I prepare to attend a regional in Toronto this week (as a substitute for being unable to attend a consecutive high altitude NABC event (— learned my lesson in Denver), I wondered how others decided on which tournaments to attend outside of their home districts tournaments.

In January, I flew 500 miles to attend a sectional in Buffalo, NY, (superb hospitality I might add) because the airfare was cheap, the tournament schedule aligned smoothly with the airline schedule and it allowed for a great girlfriend get-away weekend (it does help to have a partner in crime). Toronto was on my radar, again for the low transportation costs and for the ease of access from the airport to the tournament site. As an added bonus, I get to meet in real life a partner with whom I have played on-line for a few years!

Although asked to attend Gatlinburg, TN by a few folks, I don't find it that attractive because after flying for 2 hours, the tournament is still a 90 minutes drive from the airport. I guess I put much stock in transportation access. How do others assess which tournaments to attend? Do most folks just attend the tournaments in their districts and then the nationals or is there some other formula that I should consider.

Thanks for the input.

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