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HNL: Blue Ribbon A: MIA

 Warning: you need to review the appeal record before reading this, or this article will be of little interest to you. 

This is a little scattered, I have to stop and go play here in Honolulu.

Well, some were amazed to see that I could actually remain quiet on the ACBL Childcare issue, but no one even believes for one second that I can remain silent on the way in which Eldad Ginossar and myself appear to have lost the 2018 Blue Ribbon. Eldad is a total delight, a phenomenal card player, and a great partner. We had never played one hand together before we entered the 2018 Blue Ribbon. I would invite everyone to view the tape of our tempo as defenders. If i did something wrong, I want to know about it and work to avoid repeating it; of course, I do not think i did anything wrong! Its ok to audit!

On a personal note, for 25 years I battled to remove players from appeal committees; and I am proud to say, that in the approximately 5-7 years the TD have ruled through panels that the rulings have been much less controversial than the previous player based appeal committees. The TD's tried hard to get this one right, but somehow things seem to have gone astray.

Starting from the following position is good for Bridge: Yes, hesitating with an Ace while partner is on lead against a grand is terrible for Bridge, it must be penalized. However, a certain skepticism must naturally occur when you realize that without careful handling, you will give a 100% board to a pair that bid to 7N with Qxx opposite void. No one wants Bridge to suffer the publicity of the Blue Ribbon and the ACBL Player of the Year award being decided in this fashion. (On and aside, on the basis of his Blue Ribbon win -- Levin  wins  the 2018 Player of the Year regardless of today's Reisinger results -- from which his Nickell team has already been eliminated ... it looks bizarre to the World of Bridge to have the winners win because they were awarded making 7N with Qxx opposite void. The result appears somewhat more randomized than necessary. 

  • We must get the fifth session scores final before the 6th session begins because Ginossar and Compton would approach a 26 board final from behind two pairs by nearly one full board than Ginossar and Compton would approach a 26 board final sixth session if we were behind only one pair by one board. It's a HUGE statistical difference. 
  • Because we had direct and foreseeable damage from a ruling occurring at another table,  we must have had standing to appeal, but we did not. This is a classic error and --unfortunately, grants us access to courts, if we desire, (which access we do not desire). 
  • We express our disappointment that no tape exists of the fateful board because table "B6" was in a blind spot. There is more money in the budget   for more cameras and this problem is being resolved. We would like to have seen who physically handled the tray after it was passed back with the 7N card. 

Where did the TD Panel go astray? By ruling the Grue remark "I guess my partner could have a diamond void" to be irrelevant. This is classic admission against self-interest, as such, it can not possibly be irrelevant. In fact, it is an acknowledgment to Grue's screenmate Glubok -- that Glubok knew to lead a diamond, otherwise, Joe would not have said it. 

What was best for Bridge? 7N down 2 for Grue Levin and a procedural and/or score adjustment to 7N making for Glubok Antonsen. The TD's have to find their way through the law book to this result. 

I close by quoting a comment on the "Honolulu Blue Ribbon 7N" discussion thread posted by Amy Matura.

.... I agree South should X with the ace. I especially think South should X with the ace after hesitating. You say without the X South does not hold the ace of diamonds. I have some sympathy for this view.

The problem is that you don't hold it, the opponent who showed no diamond control doesn't hold it, and a blackwood bidder who jumps to 7S doesn't hold it. It's as if there is no ace of diamonds in the deck.

And if there is no ace of diamonds, probably wise to cash the king :)

P.S. I am proud to announce that Donna Compton and ACBL Exec Dir Joe Jones have reached an agreement in principal to continue the ACBL Childcare.

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