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Hitchhiker revisited

I first read about Condensed Transfers in Gerben Dirksen‘s article „Hitchhiker after a weak 1NT“. For those not familiar with CT: no transfers, 2M is a natural s/o and 2 asks for a doubleton M. More information can be found here: .

IMO it‘s a great idea, which can be improved.Recently my partner had 5-5 and 8 or 9 hcp (BBO, so I don‘t have the exact holding). After my WNT he transfered to , I obliged, now what? 3 is FG, 2N doesn‘t seem right but neither does pass. He chose 3 and of course I had a doubleton.CT allows stopping in 2 opposite a doubleton and inviting if opener has 3+. Still 3 would have been the better partscore and on some layouts even 5 could be good. I have been pondering about a solution ever since.IIRC there was a thread on pass or blast in stead of inviting with 2N and there was statistical evidence that this is a good strategy. Why not apply the same strategy here. Either pass 2 or bid 3N, freeing up the 2N-rebid as a marionette to 3 as pas or correct. Second use for 2N is that responder can show a singleton in order to play 4M in a 5-2-fit or 5m in a 8/9crd fit (3//N for //OM).You can keep 3m natural as Gerben suggests or (my preference) use 3 as shape asking followed by Mulberry and 3 to show 5M-4OM (my preference).

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