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History of Duplicate Bridge

I received for Christmas, thanks to my son:  DUPLICATE CONTRACT COMPLETE: A Guide to Playing in and Conducting All Duplicate Bridge Contests, by Alfred M. Gruenther, 1933. 

General Gruenther (1899-1983) was a key member (Deputy Chief of Staff) for General Eisenhower during World War II.  Mr. Gruenther became an internationally known bridge tournament director in the 1930s.  He and Ike played bridge waiting for the weather to clear and waiting for communication on the progress of the Normandy Invasion.

Some of the following is excerpted from William J. Huske's A Short History of Duplicate on pages xv - xvii.

Duplicate Whist was first mentioned in the literature in 1857, London.  Probably played in Paris and Berlin in the 1840s.

USA first inter-club Duplicate Match, 1883.

First published textbook on Duplicate Whist, J. T. Mitchell, 1892, USA.

Bridge Whist introduced about 1897 and Duplicate Whist interest began to wane.

[Auction Bridge played in India, 1903.]

Duplicate Auction first played at the Knickerbocker Whist Club in New York, date unknown.

Duplicate Auction events added to championship congress by the American Whist League, 1923.

[Contract Bridge developed/perfected/invented by Harold S. Vanderbilt, 1925.]

Duplicate Contract was the natural successor of both Duplicate Whist and Duplicate Auction, 1928.

Vulnerability added thanks to a letter from Mr. Ely Culbertson sometime later.

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