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High level bridge: is it "that" clean?

Two very successfull pairs were caught cheating (with very strong videos evidences) in the last two weeks. Those 2 pairs had, most probably, a full arsenal of illegal weapons, so they achieved very strong results that they "shouldnt" be able to get. A lot of their peers stated that from now on the high level bridge will be fair and clean again. But are we sure that it is true? I cant say yes or not myself since I'm not a world class so I dont play against them but I do watch vugraph and I do it since the start, so we can reasonably think I watched a lot (thousends for sure) of deals. I'm yet to see a very strong pair leading by A into partner singleton and failing to give him a ruff, as well as I'm yet to see a singleton led where partner has the A in the suit and no sides entries and not playing A and another, and when the lead comes from 2 small in the same situation (A in the led suit and no side entries) always "getting it right" and ducking it. Everyone can check handrecords and see if I'm right or wrong. I would really love to be wrong but I'm afraid I'm right here.

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