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Help needed: the heart of the matter?

My right-hand opponent, North, opens 1 and I double with a big hand.  South bids 4 and its passed around to me.

I ask about the 4 bid and am told 'Precision'.  I bid 4, South bids 5 and North bids 6 which makes easily.

I look at the South hand and say that's never a 4 bid, why didn't he make a slam try?

You should have told me he could have a hand like that; I would never have bid 4 if I had known. DIRECTOR!


What do you think my chances are?


If I press for a better description than 'Precision' I get told that South thinks that 4 is the best bid opposite a limited 1 opening. Will have good heart support but may be bidding to make or go down with a hand where slam is unlikely.

Does this improve my chances?


How is this different from the 1-1-3 case?

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