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Hearts galore

Every now and then you see this kind of thing happen and you just have to chuckle:


J853     A102



My nephew and I both managed to score all the tricks bar 1 in No Trumps. The chuckle is that he was East while I was South, and it all came close to making sense.

South led the K against my nephew, and he of course had no problem playing them for 3 tricks from there. I got the 3 lead to the A and the 10 back to my K. When I lost the lead to West 3 tricks later, they had a not-unreasonable fling at playing partner for A109xx rather than A10x.

For the bonus chuckle, on the very next board my right-hand opponent doubled down on the suit by leading an unorthodox one against 1NT - this time by my partner of course - and absolutely shredded it. I loved the irony of the moment.

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