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Handicapped Regional Knockout Rules

You be the judge. i am at the Birmingham Regional. We played the first Knockout in a 3 way round robin. After we finished comparing and thought we had won the match against the weaker of our opponents, we were informed by our teammates that we in fact had lost the match because they were receiving a 13 IMP handicap. We were therefore eliminated. The director informed me that the decision to make it a handicap KO was made at 1:45, 15 minutes after the match had started. During the 2nd half of the match, our teammates were notified that we were spotting one of our opponents the 13 IMPS. However, my partner and I were not notified. Being that the match was tied at halftime and that the first 4 boards of the 2nd half were flattish, it seemed that we had a very small lead going into the final board. Therefore we were conservative on the last deal, not wanting risk what we estimated was a lead in the match. Had we known about the handicap, we would have had a different strategy. Although the director admitted that they 'dropped the ball', we still walked away feeling violated. COMMENTS PLEASE.

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