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Guaranteed Entry Deadline: Friday 3/20 for the 2020 Spring online K.O.
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What guaranteed entry means is that If you request an entry before midnight Friday (Pacific Time) you will be entered in the tournament. The good news is that if you enter after Friday you may get an entry in the tournament. The tournament currently is past 40 entrants and is heading to 48 or more. The plan is to have the entrants number 48, 56 or 64 which makes for a very nice tournament. If entries fall below one of those numbers, late entries will be accepted until that number is reached.

To enter email me @

As knowledgeable players become involved the technology supporting the tournament just keeps getting better. Announcement of team pairings, match times and results are available on:

However, if you are entered and don't see your name, don't worry. The online google sheet is not completely up to date. For example at 9PM Thursday (Pacific) the google sheet showed 38 entries and there were actually 42. In addition there is a new section on the google sheet where teams enter their players. Up to 8 players are allowed and they don't have to declare them up front. They can be added as you need them.

Additionally, I have created an email list for communication. All captains need to supply me an email.


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Some2020 Spring Online KO

This is a double elimination Tournament. Seeding is basically random. The Team captains are responsible for running a 32/64 board team match on BBO. Further the team captains are responsible for adjudicating any irregularities.

Captains should post their match schedules, team members and running score on

The final score should be sent to me @

There will be a follow on event that will commence after the third or fourth round. It will include teams that are eliminated and anyone else who wants to enter.

An email was sent to the first 32 teams. The gist is:

You may share the bracket with your team or anyone. The first 32 teams have a complete bracket. Some teams above 32 have not been paired yet and probably won't until the entries close. (As of 9PM Thursday 38 teams have been paired)

If you don't know how to setup a team match on BBO, email me or Hua Yang. ( I will need the BBO names of every player by partnership/team. Also how many boards do you want me to set up, Undos and barometer yes/no.

I expect the Team Captains to resolve all difficulties. If they cannot I will and neither team should expect to be happy. I understand the Fourth Law of Thermodynamics (No good deed goes unpunished.) and have volunteered to do something like this in the past so expect my attitude to infractions to be obnoxious.

Now that I am organized I can run more tournaments with less difficulty. If you get knocked out early expect another tournament to start. I am afraid that this is the new normal for Bridge.

A further email dealt with cheating:



I expect that the team captains will resolve all issues themselves in any way they want including Bribes, Dual at Dawn, Coin Flip or appointing and outside judge if anyone is foolish enough to volunteer (Remember the 4th law). ( If you want to volunteer add a sheet on google docs and add your name.)

If, however, you appeal to me you will both get a Yellow Card. One yellow card is nothing but two yellow cards is a RED CARD and counts as a loss.



If you think someone is cheating, actual real cheating, not taking advantage of UI (if that is even possible online) or making incomplete or inaccurate self alerts, the captain should email me privately. If I get multiple complaints I will investigate (Double Secret Probation) and, if found guilty, that player will no longer play in any event that I organize.

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