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Grinding and USA2

In Golf, grinding is when a player does not have their "A" game and just pounds out pars hoping to stay in contention.

This seems to describe USA2 in the Bermuda Bowl. They started out poorly the 1st day and found themselves 18th some 12 VP's out of 8th. Over the next 4 days they stayed about 10 V:'s or so out of 8th. 

Finally today (Friday) the beat the host India team by 8 to move into 9th about 9 behind Sweden in 8th; beat Sweden by 35 to leapfrog both Sweden and USA1 and then beat Australia by 7 to remain in 7th  about 8 VP  ahead of Japan in 9th. 

Tomorrow they play Brazil  (6th)  Singapore  (14th) , and France (5th)   Not an easy road 

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