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Great sportsmanship at the senior trials

Yesterday at the senior trials in our match against the Vanita Gupta team there were 2 examples of great sportsmanship. John Shermer was in 6D with Ax in dummy and 7 to KJ109 in hand. Reese Milner on his left had been careless holding his hand back and John had seen the diamond queen on his left. His integrity was impeccable: he felt he should take his normal play and when it was queen third, he was down 1. That was 25 imp swing since we were in 5D. A second example was from Zia. Vanita Gupta had failed to follow suit vs his 5H contract. She corrected it after a few seconds. Zia could have used this as a penalty card and claimed his contract but he told her to pick it up and finished down 2.


After all of the cheating scandals, it is fabulous to witness this kind of honor and integrity from players! Kudos to John and Zia for playing the game the way it should be played!

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