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Good riddance?

There has been a lot of discussion about the demise of the stop card.

Here is a short story from the club that makes me feel that was a good decision:

My LHO opens 1D. Partner passes. RHO bids 1H.

LHO now takes a big stack of bidding cards and moves them towards the table, then places them face down and pauses. After some thought he takes the 4H card and places it face up on the table., along with the 4D card behind it.

My partner and I have made a point of avoiding director calls in club games, but mention politely for future reference that bidding that way effectively shows two bids, since everyone can see what the initial bid was. 

Our opponent explained that he had a good reason to change his bid: since they took the stop card away he can no longer splinter for fear of misunderstanding.

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