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Gold Rush

Following Chris Hasney's Post:

What was the BoD's original intent when they introduced these events?

Was it that they felt that experienced "weak" players needed events where they felt they could compete on a somewhat even playing field?

Was it intended for developing players, when they first started competing, to not get discouraged by getting poor results or getting beaten up every time they entered Open events? 

Was it intended as a way to reward players with master points, get them sucked in? 

Was it a little of all of the above?

In hindsight, should they have structured these events differently?

Going forward:

Should there even be Gold Rush events? What exactly is a Gold Rush Player? Is it simply number of MP's, or should it be their current power rating? If an older person has 2000 points, but her playing days are long behind her, should she not be allowed to play in these events? 

Should GR events be a required place for ALL players to play, 750 or more, until they achieve preset norms?

Should "Pros" with less than 750 points be allowed to play?

Should earning LM status require that certain norms, outside of GR events, be achieved?

Should I be asking more questions?

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