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GNT D. 22 GNT Fiasco. The official ruling

Rick's Roeder's thread closing in on 800 comments. Thought it best to start a new thread with the official ruling shown below.


From: Ron Lien Sent: Friday, June 7, 2019 3:29 PM (6:29 PM EDT)

GNT Open Finalists,

The District has carefully reviewed the facts related to the Open GNT final held on May 26th. We take all of the issues raised very seriously. Our conclusion is that the Gupta team won the event.

There are four separate issues.

1. DIC behavior and performance

2. Conditions of Contest (COC)

3. Suggested improper player behavior

4. Actual IMP differentials in the three matches and the resulting VPs

The first three issues will be addressed, but the District and the ACBL have determined that they do not affect the outcome. The DIC behavior doesn’t constitute a reason to overturn results but will be reviewed. The DIC’s application of the wrong VP scale was corrected that evening.

The COC did not state a correction period. In fairness to the players, the District reviewed score cards and emails through June 6 submitted by all three teams, which resulted in an IMP score change that translated to Gupta winning by 1 VP instead of 2 VP.

Although there were statements that the COC was not available, John Kissinger, D-22 GNT Coordinator, insists there were two copies on DIC Scott Campbell's desk. Kissinger announced the format of play and type of scoring. Gupta claims their team asked and were informed about the form of scoring and played accordingly.

Several Player Memos have been filed with and initially reviewed by the ACBL. They will be handled in accordance with ACBL procedures.

To the best of our knowledge, we now know of one scoring change that has been confirmed and agreed to by all parties. The result of the Gupta match with Hiestand has been changed from +25 to +17. Although there were other suggestions of scoring errors, after 12 days none of these have been agreed upon. In an email Schafer said that Gupta agreed to a 1 IMP scoring error, but the issue was resolved with no change.

Each team played 30 boards against each of the other two teams. The attached 20 VP scale was used.

The final IMP differentials are as follows:

Schafer vs Hiestand (no changes) +10

Schafer vs Gupta (no changes) +3

Gupta vs Hiestand (originally reported as +25) +17

VP: Gupta (vs Schafer +10, vs Hiestand +13) +23

Schafer (vs Gupta +10, vs Hiestand +12) +22

The District has done all it can over the last 12 days to sort through the facts. We have also conferred with the ACBL in coming to this determination.


District 22 Board of Directors


The event ended on Sunday, May 26. The official ruling was issued this afternoon, 12 daysafter the event ended. Unprecedented!

The team that "lost"bv1 VP won two of the three matches in the 3 team final. They were told they had won. They went home thinking they had won. By total imps, they had won. But the CoCconverted imps to VPs using a scale that scored a 3 imp win as a 10-10 tie.

In my 43 years of bridge play, I have never seen such a VP scale used by the ACBL. I have never heard of a 3 way final being scored by imps converted to VP. I have never seen a team win 2 out of 3 matches in the final and be declared the loser. It boggles my mind.

But there was much more. There was no official VP scale posted in the playing area. It appears one VP scale was used, then changed. Two of the three teams in the final thought they were playing Wm/Loss. It was reported that the same CoC had existed for several years but by were ignored and imps convertedto VP were never used! So there was a clear established precedent to use Win/Loss.

There were allegations of unethical behaviour, a inept, confused Tournament Director... a complete fiasco. The "winning" team reported an incorrect score of winning by 25, later changed to winning by 17. The irregularities mounted up.

The "losing" team is considering legal action.

In my opinion, this is a disgraceful decision, one more nail in the ACBL coffin.

Perhaps Phil Clayton summed it up best:

Now I'm stranded in Honduras

I'm a desperate man

Send lawyers, guns and money

The shit has hit the fan

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