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GNT: All Hail District 21

The GNT is upon us.

I've tracked the performance of all the districts for all four flights since the 4-flight format began in 2001. District 21 (northern California) has the best overall performance in that time. Districts 9 (Florida), 12 (Michigan), 6 (Virginia), 23 (Los Angeles), and 16 (Texas) have also done well.

The record for the best performance by a district in the GNT is 2001 when District 23 (Los Angeles) won the open and B flight and kicked in 5-8 finishes in the A and C flights. There is much more variation from year to year in which districts do well than you might think.

Read Mike Cassel's blog post for a discussion of how the GNT might be revived. But in the meantime, root for YOUR district and support grass roots bridge.

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