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Full disclosure or not

I had an interesting conversation with Mark Smith on BBO.   He has a partnership with National Director Karl Miller.   In their partnership preempts are extremely wild.    Can be xxx xxx xxx Jxxx.  Can be a 10 card suit.   They alert this, and if asked explain "we preempt in our longest and strongest suit."   Addendum from Mark - They also state they have no defense outside their suit.

If you decode this answer, you could work out that the preempt could be Jxxx.

Do you agree that this is an appropriate explanation, or do you think they should explain more about their style?

Explanation is appropriate if players want more they can ask again
Explanation is insufficient
This agreement is not legal - Please support this position with chart or law reference
This agreement is not legal, but I don't know enough about the laws to support my assertion
I dont know
Don't Care

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