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From the Cavendish - Irrational or Careless?

There has been a lot of discussion on BW lately about claims.  How much credit should a declarer be given when a claim is not accompanied by a statement of how the hand will be played?  Blocked suits, AQT9x opposite Kxxx, claiming 12 tricks with only 11 off the top - how should these situations be handled?

In the Cavendish last month, the following happened at my table:

(1) In a 3NT contract, declarer was running his long suit in the dummy (with no remaining entries).  With one trick still to cash, he got ahead of himself and called for a different suit.  This only cost an overtrick, but it was quite an error for a player currently ranked in the top 25 of the WBF.

(2) Declarer conceded 2 tricks for down one.  He had a side suit of Axxx opposite Txx with trumps in each hand.  Our cards were QJ opposite Kxxx.  If he just played the Ace and another, we would have been endplayed and declarer would make his contract.  Since he didn't see this line of play, should we have said, "you actually make the contract because we will be endplayed"?  Of course not.  Declarer might duck the first round playing for a singleton honor, or he might just cash his trumps first.  Who knows what declarer would do when he is not aware of the potential endplay.

How much credit should one give an expert declarer who claims without stating a line of play? 

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