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Found out something this weekend that I did not know (and perhaps some of you may not either?)

Playing in a regional this past weekend, an opponent (an expert/pro) opened a strong (14+ to 17) 1NT with a small singleton in a swiss qualifier (Soloway KO format).  When the hand was over I contacted the director, who initially ruled the bid illegal.  Later, he changed that ruling to let the bid be legal, because the swiss matches were of 6 boards in length.  We were using Open+ convention chart, of course (top bracket of the KO).  Apparently according to the Open+ convention chart in the "Disallowed Opening Bids" section:

*** In segments of fewer than 6 boards, a non-Forcing 1NT opening that does not meet thedefinition of Natural. In segments of 6 boards or more, a non-Forcing 1NT with a void or 10cards in 2 suits.

Thus it appears that the restrictions for what constitutes a natural/legal 1NT opening bid are more relaxed in longer matches.  Has anyone else experience this and if so, is this the correct ruling/interpretation?  I'd thought opening 1NT with a small (less than Queen) singleton had been made illegal, regardless of the number of boards.

Thoughts on this please?

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