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I am the administrator of big Polish bridge forum ( with 1000 active members and almost 300000 message. We are 6 years old and operate without sponsored, ads or donations.

We had an idea to challenge you to a duel, bridge duel of course.

The basic concept is as follows:

Everyone puts forward few (5, 6, maybe 7?) teams including two special ones. It is important that the player has at least 500 messages, but that’s just a guideline (the idea is so that these are active users of the message board). Let’s say our teams will look like this:

1. ForumBridge.pl_ I

2. ForumBridge.pl_ II

3. ForumBridge.pl_ III

4. ForumBridge.pl_ IV

5. ForumBridge.pl_ Women

6. ForumBridge.pl_ U-20

First one the strongest and subsequent ordered by strength. There aren’t many professionals with us (some probably more familiar to you are Michał Klukowski and Michał Nowosadzki), but few country representatives. There also won’t be many permanent pairs but it’s more about fun that professionalism.

We propose to play 2x12 boads. Either everyone on the same dates (it would be best if it were the same hands, good for discussion) or captains will set dates with each other separately.

Prizes – satisfaction and fun

Dates – maybe weekend 26-28.12.2014 or other

These are our ideas but we are open for your input and any inquiries.

Looking forward hearing from you.

PS Few days ago I sent this to support, but I did not receive any reply. That is why I am publishing an open letter...



Mariusz Puczyński


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