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For ACBL Club Directors, Questions About Time Allowed Per Board and Per Round

In an open club game, how many minutes do you guys allow per round for 2 boards, 3 boards, 4 boards, 5 boards? Does ACBL have a suggested definite amount of time/board or per round? At our club, the times vary wildly, depending on the director.

If you run a fast pairs, what are the times allowed per board in that event? And per round? And what do you do if a table is bidding a hand when the round is called? Someone suggested they play the board but get a penalty. Others suggested they should stop playing that board. If there is a penalty, does it go to both pairs, or do you try to determine which pair is at fault, if each blames the other?

Do you allow the same amount of time/hand for club games, as for tournament games?

Thanks for your input.

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