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For various reasons I have recently incorporated Flannery into my bidding structure.  I recently ran into a small problem and was wondering if any fellow flannery users have experience they can share to handle this situation.  Partner opens with a 2D flannery call and I am looking at

AK97, 6, AJ7, AQ862  -- after inquiry partner shows 4531 shape.  Do I make my best guess and live with it - are there any followups that players use to help them handle this situation.  Perhaps 4C - forward going or other?  As I was playing with a novice at the time I solved the problem the old fashioned way - I just bid 6S  --  I bought a suitable dummy and slam came home, but I didnt have to buy the right hand.


So my question is.  Any experienced Flannery users out there?  Help a fellow user out and share your approaches, and/or agreements for handling this problem.  




I have nothing in place - so I make my best guess
4C - a general last train slam inquiry
Other approach - specifics would be appreciated
This is not a problem - 5S invitational solves everything

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