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First match Pairings announced for 2020 Spring Online K.O.

Of the 29 teams that requested and entry 28 have been paired for the first match. One team has not acknowledged and is not paired. However, entries are still open and will stay open until Friday, Midnight Pacific.

The captains are responsible for agreeing to the terms of the match and setting it up on BBO. To do this the person setting up the match needs the BBO names of all players. A team match is under the competitive section of BBO. If you need help email me at

Since we are over 24 confirmed teams I will start another event for the losers of the two matches.

I believe that this is the new normal for Bridge right now. To make it work everybody needs to relax, understand the unfamiliarity of BBO for some, realize the failings of the internet and BBO and enjoy the game.

Cheating is disarrogant. Egdar Kaplan said bridge players don't cheat because they are too arrogant, "Me, the world's greatest bridge player cheat?" So if you cheat you may win the match and even the event and nobody may know but you. But you will know you aren't good enough and that will live with you long after this event has faded into history!





Sieg, Eric vs Shuster, Michael

Hallerman, Raphael vs OSMO (Terri Smoot)

Clayton, Phil vs Chandra, Rahu

Rockoff, Kyle vs Rubinchik, Oleg

Jeng, Richard vs Tebha, Anam

Dutch U21 (Nua Kant) vs Reynolds

Grunke, Paul vs Hung, Eugene

Yang, Hua, vs Jacob, Dan

Peng, Peter vs Fox, Jim

Shahaf, Avi vs Team XU

Lavin, Marty vs Lieberman, Peter

Stuart, Wayne vs Lipkin, Mike

Rogers, Steve vs Alfredsson, Fredrik

Langer, Jarek vs Gettleman, Eric

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