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Finding Piekarek-Smirnov cheating methods

On other threads, it has been disclosed that some Bridge professionals have privately negotiated a deal in the Piekarek-Smirnov (P/S) case. P/S have allegedly confessed, but their method(s) has not been made public. Knowing their method(s) would be useful to see if other pairs are using similar methods.

Unlike the other investigations, where you do not know if a pair is guilty or innocent, in this case we know a pair is guilty (confession). We have the dead body, but we don't have the murder weapon(s). Presumably the crime occurred during the EBTC 2014.

If you are interested in playing detective, here's the data:

The first link has all of their leads in the EBTC 2014, along with their hands, the led suit, partner's hand, the bidding, the orientation of their opening lead (crowd-sourced - not verified). The second link has all their hands, along with bidding. Unfortunately the second file is missing the hands of declarer/dummy (on my list of things to get done...) but there are links to the BBO hand records.

Suggestions on how to investigate are here: 

though you are free to use whatever method you want.

With other investigations into pairs, the group(s) doing the work would openly talk among themselves to share the work/ideas, we never published anything or revealed anything until there was something to publish to avoid false accusations. This does not apply in this case.

It would help if someone would step forward to help manage and co-ordinate the efforts if there is sufficient interest, I am not interested in doing that.

Good luck!


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