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Exposed score sheets

How often do you encounter players, usually north, that keep their private score sheet folded so that the scores are on the outside, for opponents to see easily?  It's pure laziness, more than just cluelessness.  I see it in club games occasionally, but a quick reminder usually is sufficient.

Today in a sectional I encountered it FOUR times.  Once I folded the card properly while the player was away from the table while his partner watched, but he proceeded to refold it, and was not pleased when I pointed out the problem.  I did alert a director away from the table, and they promised to monitor it, but no one should have to do this.  Each time I politely asked them to correct the problem, and they did, but a couple were obviously not pleased.

In an I/N event I suppose the players would be inexperienced enough to not realize the problem, but in anything else the players should know better.

Any ideas on how to educate players about this?  As the head director said to me when I mentioned my observation, there's no point to an announcement, as they never listen anyway.

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