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Excluding Exclusion

The title of this post is the same as one authored by Eddie Kantar in the current issue of The Bridge World.

(Not quite: The title should read "Excluding Confusion.")

He offers two recommendations, the second of which deals with Teller replies to the exclusion-ask; Teller bids one step with zero (or 3) keys, two steps with one key card but no queen of the agreed suit, etc.

Eddie's recommended steps translate to the same as many of us play after partner's weak two or preemptive 3-bid.  After a 4-club ask to any (4D to 3C) we play, as an acronym, 01122: i.e.,

1st step is zero; 2nd is 1 without, 3rd is one with, 4th is two without, 5 is two with.

All seems to tie together rather well.


P.S: Bergen has cracked: 

"One pair of distinguished American women internationalists use the first step to say, 'Not only do I not want to answer your question but you will be sorry you asked.' "

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