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Ethical Allegations ... brief statement from the ACBL President

As ACBL President, I have been asked to make a statement regarding the recent accusations of unethical behavior by a well-known expert pair. I am going to weigh my words carefully because ongoing ethics investigations within the ACBL, by their very nature, must be kept private until the charges are heard by an official committee and a verdict is rendered. Public accusations of cheating may result in a violation of the ACBL Code of Disciplinary Regulations.

The ACBL has been reviewing several allegations of unethical behavior at the highest levels since early this year. We have been aided by high level players who have volunteered countless hours researching and evaluating hands, looking for evidence of collusive cheating. We appreciate all the assistance we have received and will issue proper thanks in due time.

I am in the process of expanding and formalizing an expert review committee to assist us going forward. I initiated discussion of this with Larry Cohen (see his post for more information) prior to the NABC in Chicago. I am hopeful that this committee will become a permanent part of the ACBLOversight structure.

Any player who has evidence of unethical behavior by another player should complete a player memo and submit the information to Sam Whitten, ACBL National Recorder. These reports are NOT being ignored and will be carefully considered. Multiple reports involving any one pair will trigger an investigation.

Please understand that saying more at this time should be unnecessary and would be careless.


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