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Electronic Scoring

In our local games electronic scoring devices are used.  Most of the directors have it set up to show both the declaring side's percentage on the board so far as well as all other results to date.  To me this delays the game unnecessarily and leads to shooting toward the end of the session.  At a local game Saturday one North took a full 20 seconds to review all the results.  By law, you are not supposed to know how you are doing unless using barometer scoring.

Some of the directors I have talked to about this say the players like it because it is like having a traveling score.  Really, when was the last time you saw an old fashioned traveling score?

I have talked with the ACBL and they are against it (they do not allow it in tournaments) but say they pretty much give local directors a free hand in running their games any way they want to.

How do most BridgeWinners readers feel?


Show the scores - makes the game more fun
Do not show scores - delays game and is not fair
Other (please explain)

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