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Economic cost of cheating

At some point the various authorities will have hearings on FS and FN and decide their guilt or innocence.

If found guilty, these authorities will also decide punishment.

I think it would be helpful if someone could create a spreadsheet showing the economic cost to other bridge players of cheating.

For example, for FS, to create a list of all tournaments entered. Provide some reasonable estimate of the number of teams, number of players. A reasonable estimate of travel costs, hotel costs. Same with the cost of running the event. If you want to include the cost of the sponsors paying for other professionals to be there, include an approximate cost.

The idea is to show the magnitude of the problem.

Same for FN, if you assume they have been cheating since they first appeared on the international scene then data should go back that far. Approximate numbers is fine. Include the French club championships as well etc. The point is to show the impact, both direct and indirect, on other players.

I have entered some of the same events as FS and FN (though I will admit with little chance of winning), but if I had known that there would be teams cheating in these events, I would not have entered.

For an event like the Bermuda Bowl, you can arguably go all the way back to the team trials of the various countries that entered.

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