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Duck or Fly, the sequel!!!

Earlier this week I posted the question of a 3N contract where declarer has a guess at trick one on a lead of a small club with Qxx in dummy opposite xxx in 3N. Several correspondents exhibited some strongly held opinions. See "Duck or Fly", posted several days ago, for the thinking on what is an interesting question. (You may want to look at it before continuing.) 

So, today, I am in Taos, New Mexico (world class beautiful setting and well run tournament) for their annual regional. We play the KO semi's (10 and 2:30) this morning against Jacobus and Passell. Marc and Mike are my good friends and we all had dinner together last night. I tell Annie before we start, "I want to play well against them." My preference is to play against the best and they are the best pair in the room. I played liked dog turd, gave two game swings, and lost by less than the differential. I am in a pissy mood.

We are a five person team. There is an afternoon, one session, "bozo swiss." I have no interest in playing but Annie has less. Our teammates want to play and need a fourth. Annie goes off to a tour of Taos "earth ships" and I tell my new partner, "Precision, Meck lite, upside down." We have never played precision together but IDGAFF. (In 24 boards we had no systemic problems.)

I take bridge seriously but not the loser swiss and my rule has been that alcohol was required before such a prestigious event . This 10 and 2 thing is playing with me. I asked Annie if I should drink at noon. She advised against it.

So, I showed up sober for the one session swiss. The first 6 board match (4x6) was beyond my expectations. I had 10 mg's of THC. (marijuana) in my pocket for just such emergencies. Taken. We blitzed our first two matches.

Early in our third match (and I am now feeling the THC, about one hour activation period, - Don't tell Alex or Annie, they don't know.), I pick up

xxx, Txx, xx, AKJ94

 and the auction proceeds

(1N)-(2H tr)-(2S)-(3N)

I am on lead and I start giggling for what seems like 30 seconds. The table is looking at me like I have a third eye. I can't stand it and finally lead the CA (K is our power card.) Dummy tables

KJxxx, KJx, J9, Qxx.

I lose it. I find the dummy hysterical. The opponents (and my partner) think I am having a medical emergency. Partner plays the CT.

I continued with the CJ and declarer called small.

 In the 100,00 words written by friends, experts and pundits, there was not one small mention of this outcome.

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