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Does zero tolerance exist at the #1 bridge club in the country?

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We recently played at the bridge club with the number one table count in the country and had the following experience. We reported it to the management and got this response. The management answers are numbered and our answers are in bold.

I haven't heard back from you about the incident I reported. Also, my partner wrote to you on the subject and so far, you haven't given her the courtesy of a response either.I would appreciate it if you would respond to my issues.

1) Perhaps the next time a world class player, with tournament experience on the highest level, offers advice on etiquette, maybe you should listen.Are world class players exempt from zero tolerance? Are they expected to offer UNSOLICITED advise on etiquette or anything else to the opponents? Last time I checked, if there is any issue at the table, the director is supposed to be summoned. That is their job. While I'm no pro, I refrain from offering my opinions to the opponents unless they ask. I'm not the pro's client and if I want her opinion on "etiquette" I can ask for it. Aside from that, she should counsel her client and not the opponents.

2) I know that when the pro plays with the client she tries hard to provide her with a relaxing experience. She would not have done anything on purpose to prevent that from happening.

I don't know the reasons that the client hires the pro and frankly I don't really care. What I do care about is knowing why the client is somehow entitled to an especially relaxing experience, more so than myself or my partner. We paid the same card fee as the client did. Does the client's frequent play at the club and hiring of the club's "talent" entitle her to a more "relaxing experience?" I, for one, am new to the game and it is a turnoff to be treated this way.

If the pro really wanted to make it a relaxing experience, then raising this issue made that effort a failure. If she really couldn't contain herself and as a public service felt that she had to "teach my partner about etiquette," perhaps it could have been done in a brief moment away from the table. However at the table, then either the director should have been summoned or the issue should not have been raised.

The pro said I "did not know anything" when I told her that she raised her voice at my partner. The pro was condescending to me at the table and I am a beginning player, just like her client.  Her remarks about me, saying I was "obnoxious", after I had left the table go against the zero tolerance policy. My partner reported this comment to the director who took no action. This is conduct totally unbecoming of a professional both on the part of the pro and the director.  Professionals should be held to a higher standard.

3) If, as I suspect, this is a clash of personalities, may I suggest the next time you two meet you try your best to keep it civil.

Prior to Sunday, I think that played one round against this pro shortly after she started at Honors and it was uneventful. I have noticed her teaching at the far end of the room and actually admire her enthusiasm. I wanted nothing more than to have a pleasant round. And for 2 boards, it was just that.

Either this zero tolerance thing will be applied to all equally or else it's a total joke. Protecting pros doesn't make the club a better place.

What's unfortunate is that even though the card fees are higher than other local clubs ($44-$60 per pair), I actually prefer the game at this club due to the degree of difficulty, large fields, interesting people, etc. However, unless there is an effort to at least offer us an apology for the remarks made and for the pros to be treated like anyone else, most of my bridge dollars will be spent elsewhere.

As a secondary note, the pro was north and the client was south. The pro led a small and the client won the ace. The client switched to the 3 which was won by the pro with the queen. At trick 3, the pro returned a small and handed the contract to the declarer.

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