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Does Meckwell ever sleep on the couch?

Annie and I play Meckwell Lite, a form of precision but not as complex as R-M precision played by Meckstroth and Rodwell. A 1C opener is 16+hcp. Initially, the idea was 1C-1D was 0-7hcp, 1H was 8-11hcp and higher bids were all 12+. An improvement was to change 1H to "8-11 but not 5+ spades" with 1S as 8+ natural. It splits responder's hand strength into 3 ranges which makes a lot of sequences easy to judge. (For a discussion of the methods, Dennis Dawson has recently authored a book, published by Master Point Press, based on Meckwell Lite, entitled "Santa Fe Precision".)

In order to get the 1S response untracked, we play a 1N rebid by opener as a poor man's relay. Responder rebids 2C with "8-11 but not 5-5", 3 level bids are the 8-11 5-5's, and other 2 level bids are 12+.

With that background, here is how I came to sleep on the couch. Playing a regional swiss, I picked up


Our auction proceeded


1N-2H (showing 5+ spades, 4+ hearts and 12+hcp, after which the auction proceeds naturally)

My hand is a monster. From here the auction seems pretty straightforward, don't you think? I raised to 3H to set trump. Annie showed a club control and I bid 4S keycard in hearts. Annie made the disappointing response of 5D (2 keycards, no heart queen.) I signed of in 5H. She held QJxxxJTxxxAxA

Needless to say hearts were 2-1.

Dave sleeps on the couch. No one did anything wrong.
Dave sleeps on the couch. He should have kicked in 6H.
Dave sleeps on the couch. He shouldn't have raised hearts. 2N would have allowed Annie to show her fifth piece.
Dave sleeps on the couch. 2S should be a relay. (Dave WOULD sleep on the couch for even suggesting it.)
Dave sleeps on the couch. He should have rebid 2H.
Dave sleeps on the couch. Other.

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