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Do You Have Any Fun/Funny Lesson Hands for Intermediates?

Do you have any fun, funny hands for intermediate lessons?

The hands could be unblocking plays or cross ruffs or any other theme for this level. 

I found a hand in a book where, in a slam, you have 13 tricks in no trump, but can only take 12, with A765432 in an otherwise entry-less dummy, opposite K1098 in hand. Dummy's only entry is the A of this suit. The opponents have QJ and void. (This may be too easy, but I doubt they will all see it before they lock themselves out of the dummy.)

I played 3Sxx in the 70's on a 3-2 fit, cold on a cross-ruff. I'm sure they will enjoy playing that hand. And I would like to find other fun/funny hands to help them see various plays. 

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