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Do you always use the stop card, even when the opponents are very unlikely to bid?


I have seen people using stop card in the following bidding sequences:

    - To sign-off at game/slam:   (Pass) 1NT (Pass) 3NT    -or-    (Pass) 1S (Pass) 2S (Pass) 4S

    - Jump to 4C (Gerber) or 4NT (Keycard/Quantitative).

    - Splinter/Texas.

    - Other artificial bids such as Bergen raise, swiss, ...


I feel using stop card for these only delays the game since the opponent are very unlikely to bid.

     - they are in a constructive bidding sequence

     - bidding is at 3+ level

     - both of their opponents had passed and not in bidding in past rounds.


I can understand the need if either player had not passed, had bid something other than pass before or if the skip bid is preemptive.

Even though it is only 10 seconds of my life but I would like to know what others think/do.


I do not use stop card.
I always use stop card.
I use stop card only when needed. And I would not use it for all/most of the examples above.
I use stop card only when needed. But I still would use it for some/most of the examples.

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