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Disclosure that Limit Raise bid might be based on shape and not HCPs?



We play Bergen Raises, where 3 indicates 4+ card support and below a limit raise (limit raise defined as one where game would be accepted by opener with one trick better than an opening hand).  3 indicates 4+ card support and a limit raise.

To evaluate our hand, we use New Losing Trick Count (NLTC) techniques.  In that context, this hand would be evaluated as a limit raise, and 3 was bid and alerted with the explanation that it was a Bergen Raise, showing 4+ card support and a limit raise hand.

After the hand was played out, opponents called the director and told us that the explanation that my hand was a limit raise caused them to miss bidding their 10-card heart fit.

Director told us that my 3 bid was very aggressive, and that opponents had the right to know that we might make such aggressive bids.  In the future, the director said, we should provide further explanation that our Bergen 3 raises might be based on a shapely hand with few HCPs.

This ruling seemed very odd to my partner and myself.  (Not relevant, but my partner did have a trick better than an opening hand and we made 4).  So, I thought I'd run a poll here -- what say you?  For this poll, I'd like votes on three things:

(1) The hand above is worthy of a limit raise

(2) The hand above is worthy of a 3 Bergen Raise

(3) The director's advice to us is correct -- requiring future explanations of 3 Bergen Raises to say it might be based on shape, not HCPs.

Which of the above do you agree with?

None of the above
(1) only
(2) only
(3) only
All but (1)
All but (2)
All but (3)
All of the above

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