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Director Ruling, Good, Bad or Ugly

Teams of 8 Cross Imped (Same event as Bill March) - inter country EBU event with some very very good players and some merely good. (The two teams finished bottom of their group)

Dealer South, Game all.


S : W : N : E

3C : P : 3N: X

P : 4H : AP


The double of 3N not alerted at the table during the auction but came to light that it should have during the clarification period as it was a take-out of clubs. (This is correct according to EBU rules).

Director called: Spoke to all 4 away from table with the following results.

1) ascertained that EW had agreement as to meaning

2) South did not wish to have last call changed.

3) North stated would have doubled contract had they known correct details.

Director told table to play board and call back if any damage.

Director called back at end of stanza i.e. not at end of board by North stating that they thought director was adjusting anyway.

Director polls and finds out (not surprisingly maybe) that the players asked who double with correct information would be more inclined to do so with incorrect information and some players will pass on both.

North's hand 





(Possibilities/ rationales below are of course hypothetical)

At the table 4H went 2-off. FWIW the hand was usually played in 3NT but there were some Heart and Club contracts.

No adjustment : The poll confirms no damage due to MI - and that's that.
No Adjustment : North is trying a double shot.
No Adjustment : Answer 1 and Answer 2
Small weighting for 4HX: Based on North's comments, there is a possibility that this North would have doubled.
Majority weighting for 4HX : Based on comments it is even money this North would have doubled
100% (or close to) for 4HX: This North, based on comments, would almost certainly have doubled.
Other (include reasons)

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