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Did the Odds Change? (restricted choice and "Monte Hall" theory)

You are declaring a grand slam in diamonds, against below avg club players. You are at trick 12, holding AQ of spades in your hand (the suit has never been led during the hand). your dummy has 1 spade and 1 club. The lead is in dummy.

You were able to get a complete count on the hand, learning that lho had started with 4-5-0-4, distribution, rho 2-5-3-3. lho had led a heart on opening lead, and was down to the master club and 1 spade. RHO had pitched all his hearts and was down to 2 spades. It was hard to tell if the opponents had any trouble discarding, especially your lho, but he did have a bit of hesitation before pitching a spade at trick 11, even thouggh he had no choice, really, he couldnt pitch the master club.

So, my question is this...since LHO was a 4-2 (2-1), favorite to hold the K of spades at the start of the hand, have the odds changed now that you know lho is holding 1 club and 1 spade, and rho is holding 2 spades? I really want to know the pure odds here, and does restricted choicee apply? Take the spade finesse or play for the drop? (forget about any other psychological considerations)

thanks in advance for your help.

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