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Did the Director get it right?

Second session of a Regional Compact KO.

Our opponents sat at the same tables as they had been at in the first round.

One of the boards at the other table did not get reshuffled. It was played there, When it was transferred to our table, one of our opponents called the director on the second round of bidding & asked to speak to him away from the table (where he told him he recognized the hand). The director came back to the table with him & monitored the rest of the auction. After the opponents ended up in 4X, the director informed us that the board was to be thrown out.

When the board had been played in the previous round, the contract was 3 making in our direction.

4X would have gone down 3 or 4.

Was the director's ruling correct, & if so, why?

Play it out, let result stand.
The director was correct to nullify the board

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