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I pubblish here my personal defense against 3 opening wich shows a minor solid suit without side stops.

This developoment could work also if 3 Show any suit.

The basic idea is that in fact 3 is forcing at least 1 round so PASS could be  an active bid in order to show later very specific hands.

Obviousily if partner of 3 opener pass,4th MUST reopen the bid.

Now lets meaning of the bids

1)DBL is 6m-4M or Strong with 6+ and against 4 DBL will be 6-4 and 4 6-4

                                                            against 4 DBL will be Strong 6+ with interest in Major suits so with at least 1 major suit with 3 cards

                                                                             4 Will be 4-6

                                                                             4 Will be 4-6

                                                                             4NT and 5 Are strong with clubs with and without Shortness 

2)3NT is an impossible bid because cannot be there the stop in the opener suit so we can use  it for show 10 cards in major suits 55 or 64,If 3rd will bid and partner pass dbl will show 55 and 4 and 4 will show 64.Its more complicated if there is raise at level 5,but after this opening this problem cannot be avoided so better show 10 cards in 2 suits than noting.If 3rd pass partner can inquiry with 4 and 4 will show 55+ and 4 and 4 is 64,obviously partner can choose to bid 4 or 4 if there is the raise.

3)4 is 5+-5+ Minor

4)4 is 5+-5+ Minor

5) 4 and 4 are natural Bids and not forcing

Now let's see cases where we bid pass with strong hands

We bid pass with strong hands in 3 cases:1)Take Out DBL 2)4 Overcall 3)Very Strong 6M-4m which could play also at level 5 if they reach 5 or 5

1)Pass and DBL is normal Take out DBL without 10 cards in 2suits 

2)Pass and and 4 on 3NT or 4 will be the normal overcall in ,obviously should be a good hand

3)Pass and 4 and 4 on 4 will be Strong with 6M-4

4)Pass and 4 and 4 on 4 will be Strong with 6M-4

I hope u like this article,comment and critics are always welcome

Soon i will write an other article on competitive auction



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