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Defence to DBL of 1NT showing a single-suiter (or similar)

This arose tangentially out of one of Kit's articles*, though may have been lost in the more important discussion of the hand.  As at least one other person was interested in the answer, I thought I'd ask the question more directly.

In the case where DBL of an opponents 1NT opening shows one of three or four single suiters (e.g. DONT, Brozel and similar defences)

  1. What have you seen (other?) experts do against this - in particular as responder, but also as opener, and
  2. What do you play against this?


For the purpose of answering, assume DBL shows one of four possible single-suiters (mentioning a variation, if desired, if only three, e.g. excluding spades, as in some versions of DONT).

Ian C

* the context in which is was raised was 1[=Precision] (1[=CRASH]) P[=0-4 hcp] (1NT[=probably single-suited]) ?

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