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Decipher this bidding sequence


The partnership style is to upgrade What do you think partner is trying to say or show you with this sequence of bids? The sequence had not been discussed.

You        LHO           Partner          RHO

1S             X             2NT*           3S**

P***         4D             4S?

* Agreed as showing a mixed raise (about 8 - 11 HCP, 4 trumps)

** Explained as values, not promising a specific suit

*** Denied game interest opposite what partner has shown


Background information to help clarify: Your agreements are to open almost any 10-count with a 5-card major. Because of this, what qualifies as constructive, invitational, and forcing is adjusted accordingly.

Partner's options at their first turn, with a fit for you, included:

  • 2S: a weak 3-card raise, generally < 8 HCP
  • 3S: a weak 4-card raise or a flat hand with 5 
  • 4S: a weak 5+ card raise (promises a singleton or void, or two doubletons)
  • 2H: a constructive 3-card raise, generally 8 - 11 HCP
  • 2NT: a constructive 4-card raise, generally 8 - 11 HCP 
  • 3C: limit raise or better with 3 card support, generally 12+ HCP
  • 3D: limit raise or better with 4+ card support, generally 12+ HCP

The partnership style is to upgrade hands with extra shape and/or good controls.

Rank your top 3 choices, 1 being your top choice.

Partner's hand got better on the auction (they are bidding to make)
Partner had a game forcing hand, and forgot your agreements
Partner had extra HCP, but soft values, and didn't want to encourage slam
Partner is suggesting no defense, encouraging a sacrifice
Partner has extra trump length, but is too strong/has too much defense for an initial 4S (wants to discourage a sacrifice)

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