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The Open European Championships in Istanbul, Turkey are approaching with seven-league boots. A vigilant poster elsethread noticed the name of a player convicted of collusive cheating by the European bridge authorities among the entries in the Mixed Pairs. This entry has since been removed. Since said player managed to get a favorable verdict from a bridge-incompetent court that allows him to return to national and international competition, we must be prepared that he and possibly also his former partner will make an appearance at the table in Istanbul.  

The subject has been discussed in many different threads in this forum. Many have expressed that they would boycott any event that permits convicted cheaters that have sued their way back into the game. Everybody has to decide for themselves how to treat this situation, whether they want to take action or be passive and let the authorities handle the situation.   

I believe that for a variety of reason our bridge authorities so far have failed to provide a playing environment the majority of us is longing for. I believe we need to let our actions talk. Passivity will not change the status quo. Roy and I have decided to participate in the European Championships in Istanbul. But we will refuse to play against any players convicted of cheating by the bridge authorities, but sued their way back into the game. We are aware that such refusal may lead to disqualification and possibly further sanction. To us it’s totally worth it.  

Please feel free to use the comment section to discuss this unfortunate development and sensible actions for the bridge community.

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