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Cross-Jurisdictional Bridge

We're not offering points, but we are offering on BBO reasonable quality play, 100% polite (ultra zero-tolerance) environment, and the opportunity to compete with your favorite partner whether in town or out of town. 

It's a restricted game, but here are the restrictions:

1) send me a private message here on BW with your bbo username and the bbo username of your partner so I can put you both on my "cleared" list; 2) be reasonably adept at BBO; 3) Don't be a jerk generally; 4) Specifically be tolerant of other players learning how to use BBO properly (especially the self-alert procedures); 5) stay caught up with 7 min/board.

We aren't trying to take the point chasers away from their point chases. But if you have no where to go, 1915 West Coast time most (M T Th F) evenings come join us starting Monday April 5, 2020 for 24 board sessions that are as close as we can get to a real club game on BBO in this age of Corona. We are fun, friendly and reasonably fast (but not speedball).

And if your partner lives hundreds or thousands of miles away, we may be your only option. For now.

It takes a while to get through the pre-clearance process for some reason (ask BBO), but mid afternoon day of game West Coast time should be early enough.

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